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Down the Rabbit Hole

by W!LD

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She’s got me tongue tied / and she won’t let me go / when I look in her eyes / she ties me head to toe Inside out / right way in / upside down / love can make you / head over heels / falling for you / I wish you loved me to And don’t forget that love can forget you / and don’t forget that love can leave us behind / and if I hide my love away from you / I'll be forgetting love and letting it unwind So don’t forget to / weave your love / weave your love / weave your love / all around me to I’ll lose my right way out / if you don’t untie me from / the knots you tie me in / tie my heart in ribbons Your ribbons and your ties / your red bows and your blue eyes / I wish I knew where your heart lies / I just wish I could tie it to mine
After a hard days creation / he goes for a nap in his star / but as he was falling asleep he heard somebody speak / it was his dear papa / he said these forests are all well and good son / but there’s nowhere to park my car / god turned over in bed shrugged his shoulders and said / it's all I got so far / so he built himself some minions just to have someone appreciate his art / but they burned down the forests trashed his little world and for it / blamed him for the most part / now even god prays for the weekend / he was here from the start / on the last day he’ll go sailing away in his wooden ark But it begs the question / how did we get this far / why did he build the river / was his throat so parched / why would anyone put this light right into the dark / then go on and make this world make no sense / at all So he locked himself in his bedroom / and said man oh man am I pissed / man has not only taken an axe to peace and harmony now he says I don’t even exist / so he build himself a tsunami / to teach the little guys some respect / but just as he was letting it loose his dad walked into the room and said / what the hell is this Now the universe is vast and complex / so I won’t try and fit it all in one verse / but let’s just say for the almighty and his monkey menagerie / things only kept getting worse / I’m told never work with animals and children / working with man is the same / always whining / lord tell me what can I do or I’ll blame all my misfortune on you / it’s enough to drive any man insane
Stardust 02:47
In the year of 1981 / the comets slipped and a child was born / and no-one knew where he came from / his mother didn’t know what to use him for / at the start of 1982 / we bought him his first pair of shoes / we taught him to walk and we told him the truth yeah You’re made of stardust / little boy you were not ours / as much a part of the universe as the frost and summer showers / you’re made of stardust / little boy you were not mine / must have caught you falling from the sky In the year of 1993 / he went in search of his destiny / he was so caught up with being free / he ran away from his family / at the start of 1995 / in a bid to startle passers by / a guitar in his hands and stars in his eyes he sang In the year of 1998 / a gunshot finally sealed his fate / so we carved this upon his grave / now you're stardust once again
Summer rain is a romantic thing / but not when it's rained non-stop since spring / so we followed the summer and moved away / now we travel far / to keep reliving summer days once a few years passed we found we'd had enough / so we took a break from our wanderlust / but now the trees are dense with birds / we're heading south / 'cause the wind is whispering winter words I don't know about you / but I felt like a black swan / two years we spent on the move / and now we're heading back to where we begun So we bought an umbrella and some walking boots / and brightly coloured water proofs / and we braved the rain / the sleet the snow / and it might sound strange but we were happy / just to be home Summer in the rain / jumping over waves / you kissed me on the cheek / as it rained on the beach
I wanna know what drives you / to say what you say / tell me what I did / to drive you away / tell me the secret / that tore us apart / give me a reason / for your changes of heart She doesn't know / she's indigo / in everybody's eyes / she doesn't want / to be the one / to give you butterflies She doesn't wanna know / say goodbye fair weather friend / I've got to go I wanna know what drives you / to do what you do / what made you decide that / our moment was through / you know it's been so long / so why tell me now / that everything’s over / 'cause the magic ran out
Stop me before you go / trap me above below / it would be a mistake / to let me escape from you / empty handed / help me avoid my fate / forever to escape / lock me away / safe for the day when you're / empty handed I fell from below / trying to catch you out / you caught me as I fell / I fell from below / trying to catch you out / you caught me as I fell / now you've got your hands full I know I can drive you mad / but you're the first failed escape I've had / and I've stolen the key / so I can't be freed / never go empty handed You want me to go / you think I'm going mad / I could be I don't know / you caught me as I fell / how did I fall for you / down here all I know is / you've caught this escapist
You tell me that you move in better circles now / and I reply they’re circles just the same / while you’re busy getting nowhere / wont you spare a thought for all the things that / you have thrown away You talk of all your friends in higher places yeah / with every bloated head stuck in the clouds / when you’ve finished looking up to them / wont you spare a thought for all the people / you have trodden down I guess it’s not so bad / when you’ve fallen in and out of love / as many times as I have / to fall in and out again You reel off all the friends of mine you can’t stand anymore / what changed about them I could never tell / you’ve told me I’m worth nothing / and I wonder with your standards that high / how you rate yourself I guess it’s not so bad / falling in and out of love again / I guess it’s not so bad, doing it a different way / I guess it’s not so bad / falling in and out of love again / I guess it’s not so bad / when you don’t even feel the same Dye your hair and buy new cloths it wont change who you are / surround yourself with phonies if you like / 'cause I know that you’ll come crawling back / when Mrs perfect gets the sack / oh it’s still you inside
Living on a shoe string / dark side of Brooklyn town / nothing stuffing the mattress / no money coming in or going out / we ain't got no future / under the great abusers / it was so easy to deny / we ain't got no prospects / beneath this smog and perspex / the great white well is running dry When there's nothing left to pawn / what's the sense in being born / all of the cracks are branching out / when we've nothing else to give / what'll we eat where will we live / I guess it's the dark side of Brooklyn town or nothing now Blend in with the street lights / on a cold night in Brooklyn town / sifting through the gutter / it's our bread and butter / anything to keep this ship from going down / we got no protection / us and the other spectres / drifting in and out of the doorways of the police inspectors / what good is law and order / when you're trapped inside its borders / losing interest more and more / each time they've sold and bought us So don't ask me / for anything / that I don't have / because it's only stealing / without feeling / no sense in that I guess it's always seemed crazy to me / to distribute everything unevenly / but you know it's all for our own good / so take your dose like you know you should / we'll attend an austere brain-dead mass / from a man with a fine veneer of glass / oh we've seethed we've chocked we've boiled and spat / but you can't wipe a smile from a Cheshire cat / so take your dose and carry on / you can brag and boast that there's nothing wrong / 'cause we're all too numb for a change of plan / it's the will of god it's the nature of man And tomorrow / I think I'll be leaving / the dark side of Brooklyn town / because you know I'll never believe in / the good of a living lost and found / and everyone wants to tell you / what's a sin and what else is virtue / only to tiptoe along that line / high society so selective / sees you with a skewed perspective / this'll all come clear in good time And you call this living
I don't know why this thing is lighting your fire / miscredit a magic trick to the new messiah / I hope that you see it's all mirrors and smoke / or you'll choke before your time / you seem to think that flame will never expire / now you're all like circling vultures getting higher and higher / and nobody questions the words of a god / even one hanging on a wire What a feeling losing control / it's so appealing I gotta have more / and everyone’s doing what everyone’s already done before / what a feeling converted they sing / try to touch me and I can’t feel a thing hurragh People get angry when you're picking their bones / do you ever get tired of being regularly stoned / the magician has freed you like a dove from a hat / and is that all you know / I don't know why this thing is lighting your fire / miscredit a magic trick to the new messiah / and nobody questions the words of a god / even one hanging on a wire I wish you'd been brought up to think that this was wrong / or even to think at all would have been nice
Daisy Chains 05:25
Daisy float up baby / leave your troubled ground / maybe sometime today / you can quit your lying around / cast away Daisy baby let go / float up baby and let me know if you ever come down Because you don't belong here / where everyone's the same / so float up baby just let go of your daisy chains Seesaw whacha rocking it for / when you could be letting it stand / right or wrong you can't be strong / while you're sifting away like sand / cast away oh daisy baby set free / don't let em sting you just follow me and you'll understand That you don't belong here ... La la la … You don't belong here / you're not the one to blame / so float up baby just let go of your daisy chains 'Cause you don't belong here / telling you over and over again / float up baby / just let go and you're gone


released October 1, 2016

W!LD are:
Perry Wild - Vocals, Guitars, Keys, Bass (tracks 2, 4 & 6), Guitalele (track 4)
Louis Wild - Bass, Vocals (tracks 1, 4, & 6), “Flute” (track 4)

Additional musicians:
Brendan Fennessy - Drums
John Fitzgerald - Percussion (tracks 2, 6 & 9)
Karl Rooney - Saxophone (tracks 6 & 9)
Jack Hickey - Backing vocals (track 10)
Arthur Pawsey - Backing vocals (track 10)
Andy Wilson - Backing vocals (track 10)

All songs © & ℗ W!LD 2016

Tracks 1 & 4 written by Louis Wild
Tracks 2, 5, 7, 8 & 9 written by Perry Wild
Track 3 written by Perry Wild & Emmet O'Connor
Track 6 written by Louis Wild, Perry Wild & Fabian Boros
Track 10 written by Perry Wild & Louis Wild

Recorded at Lettercollum Studios Timoleague
Additional recording at The Warren Cork
Produced by W!LD & John Fitzgerald
Engineered & mixed by John Fitzgerald
Mastered by Richard Dowling at Wav Mastering Limerick
Art & design by Louis Wild © 2016


all rights reserved



W!LD Cork, Ireland

W!LD is a rock band from Cork Ireland fronted by brothers and multi-instrumentalists Louis & Perry Wild.

In August 2013 they launched the Song Century Project, a collection of 100 demo recordings.

Their debut album proper, Down The Rabbit Hole, was released in October 2016.

W!LD are currently working on their second studio album, due for release in 2022.
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